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 A  501(c)(3) grass roots organization dedicated to advancing environmental justice, promoting health and wellness,  and addressing the inequitable impacts of environmental racism within historically disadvantaged,  low-socioeconomic,  fence line communities, including issues surrounding air, water, and soil quality as well as  land use and shorelines issues in the Bay Area. Through organizing, outreach, & education, we are empowering environmental justice communities to protect our rights to a healthy environment. We are amplifying the voices of vulnerable communities to challenge systemic environmental racist policies, decision making , and practices that disproportionately over-burden  communities of color. 


Our mission is to create real change and improve the health of those within environmental justice communities by developing strategies for reducing impacts, building community, and protecting our environment, health, and families.

a man holding water with his hand,water crisis in India and worldwide.jpg


We envision a future where historically  marginalized communities of color can  enjoy a  clean and healthy environment, more equitable  and inclusive society,  and   environmental stewardship.

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